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Fabulous Flat Lays


Flat lays are the trend d'jour! From Instagram, blogs, fashion and food mags to all varieties of advertising, flat lays have been made popular because of their simplicity, order and aerial perspective. This type of photography is a beautiful way to show your brand's new products or tell a story in a visually creative way. Flat lays are a technique that's right on trend, however it has been around for decades and considered a classic look. Truly one of my favorite ways to style and shoot! Here are some recent flat lays from the studio! 

Dark surfaces can create a moody, warm backdrop that enhance neutral palettes, textures and packaging.  Dark backgrounds also work well for food and travel images. When it comes to lighting, I prefer natural light vs. my studio light kits. I work with both, but really love the softness of the shadows when working with natural light. 

White background surfaces are most common as they offer a clean backdrop that doesn't distract from your product.  White works best for fashion and beauty flat lays. In contrast... I LOVE how pastel pink makes these vibrant petals pop! 

Here's an earthy editorial piece in progress. Throwing a bit of gold in your flat lay can often elevate your image. In this example I added a gold feather to enhance the organic nature of the flat lay. While simple surfaces generally work best, there are occasions where texture is exactly what your product needs to tell your story. How fantastic is this floral backdrop? Soft, feminine yet powerful!  I've added these and more examples of fabulous flat lays  to my Photography and Styling portfolio, just click here to connect! 

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